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Jak wygrać przetarg? poradnik

tion.hash.indexOf("lightbox-uid-") >= 0){ window.location.hash = '#'; } var butterflyOptions = { contentDefaultWidth: null, // For content (can be em, % or px) - null default means 50em if pxToEm is available or 700px otherwise (a good line length for legibility) contentDefaultHeight: '100%', // For content (can be em, % or px) mediaMaxWidth: '85%', // For images (can be em, % or px) mediaMaxHeight: '70%', // For images (can be em, % or px) treatAsMedia: false, // Set to true for content to be resized as if it's media (good for video content) lightBoxMargin: null, // Margin around screen (can be em, % or px) - null default == 2em if pxToEm is available or 20px otherwise animateResize: false, animationSpeed: 150, useIframe: 'autodetect', // load contents in an iframe (good for cross-domain URLs). Options are: 'autodetect' (will load iframe for external URLs), true (will load in an iframe). false (will atempt to load with ajax). collapseHeightWhenPossible: false, // When content is shorter than available height, collapse height of lightbox reuseFragment: false, // When using a fragment from the same page as the link, reuse the same DOM nodes (persisting their state) or clone a new copy? closeButton: true, // Should we have a close button? closeButtonImage: '/public/template/slabowidzacy_strona/img/butterfly/close.png', // Set to the path of your close button image closeButtonCorner: 'tr', // Top left 'tl' or top right 'tr' or bottom left (bl) or bottom right (br) - top left is the most intuitive option that doesn't overlap scrollabrs clickOverlayCloses: true, // Will clicking the overlay layer (the dark tinted area) close the lightbox? preloadLoadingImage: '', // Specify an image path here and it will be preloaded preloadGalleryControlsSprite: '', // Specify an image path here and it will be preloaded /*galleryControlWidth: 49, // width of each control (default based on sprite that ships with butterfly) galleryControlHeight: 85, // height of each control (default based on sprite that ships with butterfly)*/ galleryMode: 'rel', // Allow navigation between lightboxed images? Options are: rel (all links that have the same 'rel' attribute), 'container' (all links within the one container), 'all' (all linked images), or nothing '' (don't use galleries) galleryContainers: '', // CSS selectors specifying elements that contain linked images to form discrete galleries. e.g: '.gallery-pets, #gallery-flowers' galleryLoops: false, // When you reach the end of the gallery, should 'next' take you back to the begining? (and vice versa) captionMode: 'title', // Whether to use captions, and if so, where to grab the caption text from? Options are: 'title' (the title attribute of the link), 'text' (any text within the link, including image alt text), or nothing '' (don't display captions) preloadNextGalleryImage: true, // Should the next lightbox be preloaded if it's an image? zoomFromClicked: false, // Experimental callbackPreOpen: null, // Six callback functions can be defined that will be called at various points in the opening, closing and resizing of lightboxes callbackPreResize: null, callbackPostResize: null, callbackPostOpen: lockScroll, callbackPreClose: null, callbackPostClose: unlockScroll, treatAsImage: false // If set to true, will treat all links as image links (overriding automatic type detection). }; $('.gallery, .galleryList .galleryList li a').butterfly(butterflyOptions); $( document ).ajaxComplete(function( event, request, settings ) { //fix dla paginacji (stare strony) prepareRelForGalleries(); $('.gallery, .galleryList .galleryList li a').butterfly(butterflyOptions); }); });